Frequently Asked Questions


How do I Import products from the Philippines?

  • Grand Eight Company has a competent sales and procurement team to help your company acquire and consolidate well known specialty products from the Philippines at competitive price.
  • Grand Eight has PEZA certification and our warehouse is located in one of the few Free Trade Zones in the Philippines. This ensures that we get the products at competitive price,

How do I ensure that all products that I order from Grand Eight will be accepted properly in our local customs?

  • Grand Eight ensures that we will secure all local documents and certification that is needed to release the products from our customer’s local customs. However, it is the responsibility of the importer/distributor to provide Grand Eight the complete list of documents, date code printing, translation, stickering and certifications needed for each product that they intend to source. Grand Eight will issue an advise if these documents can be acquired before agreeing to any sales transaction to ensure protection of all importers/distributors.

What are the products from the Philippines that can be imported through Grand Eight?

  • Any legitimate products being sold commercially in the Philippines can be acquired through Grand Eight using our strong network of manufacturers, suppliers and key accounts. We also have the connection to source out manufacturers and suppliers that can produce OEM/ Private label brands given a minimum order Quantity,

What is the lead time from Order to shipment?

  • Here in Grand Eight, we are dedicated to serve your orders as fast and as efficient as possible. But in order to completely source your requirements in good quality and competitive price, our common lead time from order to shipout is usually 30 days. Rest assured that once all products are acquired and ready for shipout, our team will inform you immediately if the products are now ready for loading.

How do I shipout my products? Which Shipping Line should I use?

  • We encourage you as our partner importer in nominating your chosen shipping line of choice in order to ensure that the transportation cost is competitive. However, should you require our service to nominate shipping line for your, please be ensured that we have a good network of connections that can help you nominate competitive shipping lines at no extra charge.

When do I receive the shipping documents needed to release my cargo?

  • Our sales team are trained well and will inform you of the ETA of your cargo to your port. Our team will send you copies of shipping documents as proof of our shipment to you. Once final payments has been settled, we will immediately send your original documents through couriers so the release of your precious cargo can take place as soon as possible.