Welcome to GRAND EIGHT


Grand Eight Export Packing and Logistic Corp. is licensed to operate by the Food and Drug Administration of the Philippines. In addition, Grand Eight is a PEZA¬registered Ecozone Logistics Service Enterprise with Registration Certificate No. 16¬118 dated July 19, 2016 and was officially registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission last December 02, 2015.

Dependable Service

We believe in the importance of establishing long-term customer relationships which is why we only provide quality and dependable service. Drop us a message in the inquiry form or live chat with us for any concern. We will be here for you.


We only provide 100% authentic, superior quality and premium products direct from the manufacturers. In an unlikely event that you are given fake products, let us know right away and we will issue you a refund.

Grand Eight brings to you only the best products of the Philippines. Showcasing a wide variety of Filipino goods, you can expect products such as food items, beauty and health products, apparel, lifestyle products, books, beverages, specialty items, accessories, home items, gift ideas and even baby care products. All are guaranteed to have the highest standard of quality and effectiveness. These goods not only aim to satisfy and delight but they represent the gold standard of Filipino excellence.

Philippine's Best Products

Only 100% authentic, superior quality and premium products guaranteed.

Golden Sweet Corn

This lip-smacking snack has always maintained its trademark taste of sweet corn. Each ball is made sure to have the same taste that we all love.
Golden Sweet Corn

Our Mission


Recognizing the hard work and contribution of Filipinos globally, it is our mission to serve there everyday heroes by constantly providing them and the rest of the world with 100% authentic, superior quality, premium Filipino products.


As a proud supporters of locally made goods, we aim to showcase the best of what the Philippines has to offer while we uplift the Filipino talents who are behind these local brands and businesses.


Believing in the entrepreneurial spirit, we are in search of individuals who wil be partners, agents, representatives and distributers to widen the reach of these Filipino products while creating a successful and fulfilling business for all parties involved.

Our Values

We carry the very best of the Philippines.

Only 100% authentic, superior quality and premium products guaranteed.


    We value our relationships with people. We are dependable, trustworthy and 100% committed with our professional dealings.

    We carry only the best of the Philippines which is why we meticulously handpick products that have the highest standards of quality and effectiveness. These goods not only aim to satisfy and delight but they represent the gold standard of Filipino excellence.

    We are inspired by the countless hardworking Filipino talents around the globe which is why we want to emulate their spirit of community. We treat our partners link family and we will continue to nurture these relationships by supporting each other thus making a stronger pro-Filipino enterprise.

    We strive to be good listeners and your opinion matters to us. We are always open to new ideas because we aim the pursuit of constant improvement and innovation be it the products we carry and the service we provide.

    Social responsibility gives meaning to what we do which is why we take action to help others. This includes charitable partnerships that support children's foundations in the Philippines. We believe in paying it forward. With your help, we can all make a positive impact in uplifting the lives of the impoverished youth.