About Grand Eight


Grand Eight Export Packing and Logistic Corp was formed with a simple yet strategic philosophy in mind which is to showcase the very best of Filipino products to the rest of the world. As proud ambassadors of these goods, we make sure that we meticulosity hand pick the brands that exemplify the highest standards of excellence. In addition, we want to create a community around the world that will strive to create lasting partnerships that is geared towards making Filipino products known globally. Essentially, we are here as a solid business partner that not only reaches out to the our dear fellow Filipinos globally but to other nations who believe and support superior quality products.


Grand Eight Export Packing and Logistic Corp. firmly believes in its mission:


To Serve Filipinos Globally

Recognizing the hard work and contribution of Filipinos globally, it is our mission to serve these everyday heroes by constantly providing them and the rest of the world with 100% authentic, superior quality, premium Filipino products.


To Support Filipinos Locally

As proud supporters of locally made goods, we aim to showcase the best of what the Philippines has to offer while we uplift the Filipino talents who are behind these local brands and businesses.


To Empower People Around the World

Believing in the entrepreneurial spirit, we are in search of individuals who will be partners, agents, representatives and distributers to widen the reach of these Filipino products while creating a successful and fulfilling business for all parties involved.